Yealink BH72

Yealink WH72 Classic Bluetooth Wireless Headset

The Yealink BH72 packs high-definition audio quality, retractable hidden microphone arm technology and Yealink Acoustic Shield Technology (supported by dual microphones) into a stylish design. The feature rich package is ideal for business and enable users to quickly transform any place into a professional office, supporting high-definition professional audio and music playback. The BH72 Bluetooth headset supports wireless charging with the optional multi-functional wireless charging stand.

The Yealink BH72 Bluetooth wireless headset series is equipped with Yealink’s uniquely designed retractable hidden microphone arm with magnetic slide. You can easily extend the microphone boom arm to obtain professional audio quality and can easily hide the microphone boom arm when enjoying music or outdoor activities.

Yealink Acoustic Shield Technology makes use of two built-in microphones to automatically block background noise without impacting voice quality for improved communication efficiency.

Designed for music and calls, the Yealink BH72 supports dynamic EQ to automatically switch between call mode and music mode. The new angled ear cushion design and oval memory foam isolate the ambient noise, bringing excellent passive noise reduction and creating the best listening experience.

The Yealink BH72-BLK-ST-USBA and BH72-GRY-ST-USBA includes wireless charging and a wireless charging stand which will allow you to charge the headset, mobile phones or other devices that support Qi standard wireless charging.

Built-in busy indicators on both sides of the headset glow red when you are on a call or in a meeting, reducing external interference, allowing you to focus on the conversation.




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